Startas, a Non-Aligned brand since 1976

The Non-Aligned Movement was founded in 1961 in Belgrade by 5 states: Tito’s Yugoslavia, Nehru’s India, Sukarno’s Indonesia, Nasser’s Egypt and Nkruhma’s Ghana. More than a simple organization, this movement dramatically changed international relations during the Cold War. At a time when the world was separated in two sides, these countries that did not identify with any of the dominant ideologies decided to unify their people behind one goal: promoting world peace and cooperation.

Since its founding, Startas has been greatly influenced by the Non-Aligned ideology. The brand remained faithful to its humanist values throughout the 1980’s, when most of our childhood brands made the choice to relocate. Today, our little canvas shoes are still manufactured with love in the very same factory where there were born, in Vukovar.

This spirit has remained unchanged for more than three decades. Directly inspired by Balkan pop culture, Startas is not afraid of breaking fashion codes by designing colorful, trendy models with a removable bow-tie.

Meanwhile, the brand has not forgotten the people from the movement. Through a participative approach, Startas allows its customers to finance humanitarian projects in disadvantaged areas.

Our sneakers are for free men and women, who refuse to align themselves with contemporary society’s tendencies: Non-Aligned men and women.